A red and white striped quilt sitting on top of a table.
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If you’re looking for a super quick and fun project to add to your holiday decor, how about these Quilt As You Go placemats? Quilt As You Go is a form of quilting, where you are stitching all three layers of your quilt sandwich together at one time. It’s a real time saver if you don’t want to add additional free motion quilting to your project.

All you need are a few strips of fabric to complete this top.

I designed this project specifically for Baby Lock as part of their ambassador program. You can find the complete project instructions here on the Baby Lock Sewing project page.

I gathered up all of my Christmas fabrics because I couldn’t decide which prints to use. You can use prints, solids or a combination. There is no rule. You’ll also need a piece of backing and batting for your placemat.

A close up of some wrapping paper on top of a table

I’ll be sewing on my Baby Lock Lyric. today. I’ll be adding my walking foot to make it easier – as I mention below.

A sewing machine with the front of it turned on.

Once you have your strips cut, it’s a matter of stitching together through all the layers. Find your first spot and lay down your first two strips, right sides together.

A piece of paper with christmas wrapping on it.

I recommend switching out your sewing foot for a walking foot. I’m using my Baby Lock Lyric, and the walking foot came standard with my sewing machine. The walking foot will make it easier to stitch through all of the thick layers evenly. It’s a funny looking, bulky foot, but very effective when stitching through thickness.

A sewing machine with the thread in it.

I set my stitch length to 3.5. Lengthening the stitch keeps the layers smooth and flat when stitching. Sometimes, if the stitching is too tight, you’ll have pulling and puckering when going through multiple layers of your quilt sandwich.

A person is touching the screen on an electronic device.

Now we’re ready to sew. Begin stitching strips to your batting/backing, right sides together.

A sewing machine with a green ball on the needle.

Open and press. Repeat this process until your top is covered in strips. Then simply trim and bind.

A close up of three different colored fabric A close up of three quilted christmas table mats

There are many designs you can make with Quilt As You go. Try sewing your strips on the diagonal instead.

A red and white striped quilt with gold snowflakes.

Get the full pattern instructions HERE.

More Quilt as You Go Ideas:

Make it interesting for your kids – use novelty prints or juvenile prints and give your kids a fun meal time experience.

Include decorative trim, ribbon, or rickrack.

Make your placemat longer, and you have a table runner. Try making coasters – for a super quick project.

Looking for more holiday project ideas, check out the other free patterns on the Baby Lock Sewing project website: https://babylock.com/learn-and-create/projects

For more information about the Lyric or any other Baby Lock sewing/quilting machines, click HERE.

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