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Meet Erin Nichole of Mija Handmade.  Erin is a Latina quilter and pattern designer.  She will be the featured designer in the membership starting September 1, 2022.

BIO:  “I’m Erin Nichole, the head, heart and hands behind Mija Handmade. In Spanish, mija means “my daughter”. All of my sewing is a love letter to my mother, the first woman to call me mija.

On any given day, I’m probably designing, sewing or wrapped in a quilt. I don’t have any formal art or design education, but I don’t think those things are necessary for exploring creative design. Most of my design inspiration comes from found compositions, like you’d find in building architecture, fences or stairways. I love combining strong lines with bright colors. I hope you find a little bit of beauty in my quilts, and can picture them living happily in your home!”

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