A woman in overalls standing in front of a quilted wall.
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We have a new featured designer of color coming to the Mary Go Round Membership,  Meet Racini Andres Aranda of Racinis Quilts.  I’m thrilled that she’s coming to the membership.  Check out her shop here.

Racini is a self taught quilter since 2013. She holds a MFA in Studio Arts from Parsons where
she focused on large scale oil paintings. After graduation, she transitioned into fiber arts and
quilting which was more manageable in her one bedroom apartment. She initially learned how
to quilt so she could gift it to her family and friends. She never thought it would grow into what it
is now.

Being of Filipino heritage born in Hawaii, Racini enjoys brining forth and sharing her culture
through quilting whenever she can. She loves working with Philippines and Hawaiian textiles
when the project calls for it. She enjoys creating imagery through her quilts and wants to
continue sharing different cultures through quilting.

If you like receiving exclusive, new quilt patterns every other month, this is the place for you.  For more information on the membership, click here.  It’s not too late to join us.  We’d love to have you join our community as we celebrate diversity in quilting in the Mary Go Round Membership.


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