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Meet the next featured designer of color in the Mary Go Round Membership.  Beginning May 1, 2022, Vasudha Govindan and her Dodge The Geese Quilt will be available in the membership.

Vasudha is an engineer by day and quilter by night. She started quilting almost 20 years ago, making baby quilts and small gifts for family and friends. She is mostly self-taught, and learned the basics from quilting books borrowed from her local library, well before YouTube tutorials became available. In 2017, she started a blog ( and joined InstaGram (@storiedquilts314). That introduced her to a wide community of quilters, where she was introduced to Modern Quilting. In Modern Quilting, Vasudha found an aesthetic that spoke to her and inspired her to get more deeply involved in the art, the craft and the community of quilting.

To learn more about the Mary Go Round Membership, click here.  I’d love to have you join us!


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