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Have you been wondering exactly what the Mary Go Round Membership entails?  My goal is to support and promote quilters of color.  You’ll get a free quilt pattern from a designer of color every other month.  People of color covers a wide range of nationalities, from Black, Indian, Asian, Indigenous, Hispanic and any others who fall under the minority community category.  Here’s a peak at who’s coming this month.  For more information on the membership click here.

Meet featured designer, Jessica Poemape, coming to the membership in March 2022.  

I started sewing when I was a little girl, and I used to make my own dresses as a teenager. I made my first quilt in 2010, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve worked as a software developer for the past 4 years. I have a degree in Spanish with a minor in Latin American Studies from Brigham Young University. I grew up in Texas and Utah. I got married in 2016 in Utah, and we moved to California in 2021. I’m half Salvadoran on my moms side. I grew up with a lot of Salvadoran culture, and that part of my identity is very important to me. When I’m not sewing, you can find me cooking or baking. I love trying new recipes and cuisines, and I love sharing food with people I care about.

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